STRAIGHT-UP. I don’t beat around the bush ladies.🍃

STRONG. Small yet mighty, like a pocket rocket! ☄️

WISE. For so little years, I’ve experienced a hell of a lot! 🌎

Hey! You made it! 🥳 I’m so glad you’ve found yourself here ❤️.

Let me guess.

You’re a young woman, going about your day to day life.

You have a good job but you keep catching your male colleague making remarks that make you feel uncomfortable like ” how would you rate the new girls’ ass?” or that one team member that keeps harassing you for your mobile number and you feel obliged to give in and hand it over (and as soon as you do, the onslaught of texts begins…).

You have a good bunch of friends but the girls in the group are always creating drama, criticising other women, being bitchy and back-stabbers.

The boys are great but after a few drinks they start to become super clingy, inappropriate and a bit too “touchy feely” for your liking.

You always feel like an imposter, an outsider, not quite fitting in with the girls, but also not really wanting to turn into a lad or be called a slut because all you do is hang out with them and there’s only one reason for that; Surely you’re f*cking them all! 😤

And then you get a boyfriend. But after a while you start to notice he tends to shout and get angry when playing COD. He uses foul language about his ex or worse, his mother. And then slowly little by little, he starts name calling, raising his voice at you, turning arguments back onto you like somehow it’s ALL your fault! Or I know! You’re all out with mates and he starts talking about your private affairs with his weird, smimey friends (ok that’s not a word but you know EXACTLY the face I’m pulling writing this).

I KNOW because I’ve been in your shoes. I know exactly what it feels like to be objectified and mis-treated all the time, knowing deep down that “this just isn’t right” but not knowing how to deal with it.

“Everyone else doesn’t seem to mind… maybe I’m thinking about it too deeply?”

Girl, you couldn’t be more wrong. And let me tell you, you’ve landed exactly in the right place.

This is me.

Abandoned age 6 months.

Abused by step-father.

Publicly physically abused by a man. Twice ✔️

Called a cow and a slut countless times.

And my favourite: baby murderer.

Left heartbroken 3 times.

Grieved for the love of my life who committed suicide.

Abandoned with a baby aged 6 weeks for “the single life”

But this is also me.

Had an amazing empowered woman as a mother.

Strong, powerful & confident

County Woman’s Business Award Semi-Finalist

Empire builder

Comfortable in my own skin

Totally independent & financially secure

Happy, fulfilled and rich

The best mum I could ever be ❤️

You needn’t question yourself anymore. You needn’t feel alone.

For all you need to do is open your mind, open your heart, gather up all your strength and start recognising that you are a Queen.

You are in control of your life and you call the shots.

It’s time to start Owning your Power girl.