WISE. As an old sage. 🧙‍♀️

NURTURING. Like dinner round mums. 🍽

CREATOR. Always seeking & finding new pathways. 🛤

I am passionate about people and ensuring they have a voice, a voice of freedom and above all to be accepted for who they are warts an all

My greatest pleasure is to give space to someone, to allow them to be heard, really listened to in way they have never experienced before… Validated and totally not judged. Working together to find solution and answers to the deepest problems life throws at us.

There is always a way and I love thinking outside of the box and finding that way, finding that key that will unlock the issue. Opening the door, at last, to freedom and inner peace.

How did I get these skills? I was born curious about life and the purpose of it, questioning all the time why certain disasters and calamities fell on some people and not on others.

An avid reader devouring books on every subject like they were bags of Malteasers.  Scouring and looking into every religion there is looking for the answers that plagued me. I didn’t go out partying with my friends, no I went to bible classes, church meetings, synagogs and happy clappy meetings in a field, querying and questioning all the way.

 I was the book worm, the odd one out 🙂

But, I looked good and had an amazing smile and I guess that prevented me from being bulled in the 15 different schools I went to up and down the country as well as abroad.

This enquiring mind and passion for people led me into Psychology and a career in Social work,  working with families, children , criminals, groups and in the mental health sector. As well as being an expert in Domestic violence both at work and my private life….

I’ve lost my home, belongings and everything several times over and risen like the Phoenix from the ashes to rebuild my nest again and how I have soared…

Do you know you can too?

I’ve followed a spiritual path seeking enlightenment, worn crystals jangled bells and chanted all night long, climbing mountains to sit in the presence of some Demi God searching for the holy grail… And guess what?

I found it, but not in the place you’d expect!

Fostered, many tormented yet beautiful young souls, who have suffered immense abuse and trauma, so hard to fathom at times. Given them safe sanctuary and nurturing as best as I can… and this, I still do today. Yet little do they know what deep and wonderful lessons THEY taught ME.

The one main thing, I love most about my life (apart from my amazing three children of course, who I brought up single handedly)  is;  I’ve been married and divorced three times, yes THREE times!!! OH boy what life lessons and experiences I gained from that!

Nowadays, I’m very much a home bird, my travelling and seeking days now all settled and calm behind me. You’ll find me standing in my garden fascinated by my beautiful Lemon Millefleur Bantam hens, their constant chatter, behaviours and interactions NEVER cease to amaze me.

Or wandering around cup of tea in hand, probably in an old worn dressing gown, wondering in awe at the amazing beauty of the seeds growing or the burst of wild flowers just erupting…

Or just sat at my computer researching the latest concepts and information that can empower you and me in all we do!