One Voice

I often hear people say,  “Oh, what can I do to change the situation? There is no point in me speaking out it won’t change anything!” 

Well I am here to tell you there is every point!

To say such things like “it’s too late no one will listen to me” is literally playing the poor me victim card! And I am here as a Radical Radish to encourage you, to empower you  TO TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.

Your voice, does and can make a massive difference.

Over recent weeks, I have been posting on my personal profile and in the groups that I belong to much radical and disturbing information which at times goes against the so called “party line”, and I have experienced both derision and cutting remarks from many people as well as many of my posts being removed.

Maybe, yes, at these times I have felt like a lonely lone voice, a bit vulnerable, sometimes a bit worried about how my expressions of what I believe to be true may be used against me by a Government or authority which wants to gain control over the masses.

But something within me drives me forward, to speak out and to keep on pointing out some of the unjustness that is going on, to consider hidden agendas. More importantly to draw attention to anything that means we are giving our POWER AWAY, handing it over to those who are so questionable in their capacity to honour and respect our freedoms … OUR rights of HUMANITY which are so sacred!

The good news is, I can clearly see that my ‘one voice’ is making a difference as gradually more and more people are thanking me for my posts, telling me how much they resonate with them… but bigger than that which is SO exciting, is that within the groups that I’ve posted in, people are actually posting themselves or discussions are emerging around the very topics that I post and which have often been banned by social media.

That to me makes me feel alive, hopeful and excited for our future during these challenging times. As it is through the very sharing of differing views, information and knowledge that empowers everyone to take control of their own lives, to make decisions about their own well-being and that of their children and families in an informed way! Exercising our own rights to live our lives in a way that we believe is right for us, individual, unique that’s what makes us human… there is no one cure for all! Not  blindly, unconsciously acquiescing to so called authorities that quite frankly have no idea nor real interest in your life nor the quality of it.  

Every voice matters including yours especially now in these unsettling, yet remarkable times so if you feel something strongly in your heart, speak out! It is your human right of freedom to do so! Exercise that right, embrace it, value it…. Please don’t give that away!

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