Love Letter to Mums

My body, like many other womens’, has been on a journey these past 2 years. It has grown to accommodate another being, survived an extreme labour, created the most nutritious and healing milk to allow my baby to thrive, recovered from fast growth and trauma, and commenced menstruation all over again. 

And yet it has been unsupported, un-recognised and completely neglected. It did all those things without me really looking after it.

Because what new mum has time to go to the gym? What new mum has the energy to cook the most healthiest, skinny promoting meal? What new mum has the want and need to put her body and wellbeing before her newborn baby?

And yet I am so fed up of reading about how fast new mothers’ bodies have “bounced back”.

I am tired of seeing images of women boasting about all the hard work they have done to achieve a washboard look.

And I am dis-heartened to be witnessing the same pattern repeat itself over and over of self-loathing, unhappiness and low self-esteem caused by this society who keep showing women all over the world that it is not only achievable but also EXPECTED of you to somehow metamorph back into the childless body you once had. 

Anyone promoting this, does not truly understand the impact of pregnancy and birth. Their connection to their innate motherhood journey is broken and this sacred time in their lives will forever be taken by their deep need to prove themselves to the patriarchy. 

This old thinking will not do. 

You are not required to shape-shift back to your old self. Nor is it normal to. 

It’s time to recognise our wonderful, magical power and allow this stunning transformation to take place. 

Our souls and bodies go through the most raw existential change the day we become mothers. And we must allow our bodies to do so too. 

It is of course important to be healthy, eat a balanced diet, as well as practice self care and appropriate exercise. And I deeply promote this. 

But believing fundamentally that you must become the old you… you must return to that youthful, pre-motherhood look… you must spend time and work hard at achieving this goal that everyone else can achieve…

Is simply unrealistic.It is not fruitful or aligned to the reality of the transformation your body has gone through.  

Allowing this change, BEING this change, loving this change and all that it brings… IS attractive, beautiful and in line with your soul. It allows change, growth, exponential abundance and soul alignment. It creates higher level vibrations and an aura of self-love. 

Don’t get dragged down by the false lives of others and the portrayal of success in re-gaining an old form of oneself. 

Allow yourself to recognise that you are the most divine female picture of womanhood that exists. 

Simple daily acts can genuinely re-calibrate your focus and allow healing and growth to take place.

Get to know yourself and other women by following these processes. It’s empowering.

  • Affirmations: daily affirmations are very effective at changing your belief systems. You can write them on post-it notes and dot them around your mirror to remind you to do them every day.
  • Body map: turning what are seen as “negatives” into positives, points of pride and self-identity.
  • Experience list: listing all the important milestones you and your body have been through. Grabbing a huge ass canvas, brainstorming and turning it into a mood-board can really help you dive deep into this.
  • Meditation: connecting you to your divine feminine and reminding you of your worth, power and infinite energy.
  • Education: take time to learn more about our history, the “fashion statement ultimate look” that is forever changing, your body and the process it goes through to menstruate, grow a human, birth it and recover as well as get ready to fire more eggs out there!
  • Deep cleansing: rid your environment of negative influences and clean your online feeds to assure only balanced, soulful and empowering messages reach you.

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