Why it’s time to stop sharing images of children on social media

My son is turning 1… and thus far, I have resisted posting his scrumptious little face for the world to see on the internet.

It’s hard to resist – but it’s important for his well-being for me to safeguard his privacy.

“Why why why?” I hear you asking. “All my friends are sharing pictures of their children, so it must be safe… why shouldn’t I?”

Well, here is some essential information to carefully consider before posting an image of your child.

Once it’s out, it can’t go back in.

When you post any image on social media, anyone can own it. Those pictures are free for people all over the ENTIRE WORLD to find, see and exploit.

Did you know that on social medias as well as websites, blogs etc.. anyone can download and save your photos? Which means they can own them and do what they want with them. Not only that, they can remove filters or “stickers” that you may have carefully placed on your childs’ face or private areas.

Quick tip:

If you do want to use stickers to hide something, screenshot the image with the sticker first and then post it. That way, the stickers can not be removed by someone.

The Dark Net

What’s the harm in posting a cute selfie with the kids? Who would want to download and use it anyway?

People. Sell. Pictures. Of. Children. On. The. Dark. Net. To. Very. Bad. People. i.e. Paedophiles. and Child Traffickers.

Not only that extremely chilling thought, the information that is innocently provided online, can be used to track and trace the whereabouts of children allowing them to be abducted, sold on the black market and live a life of abuse.

Did you know?

More than 80,000 children are reported missing in the UK alone! That’s 219 a day!

Are They Strangers or “Friends”?

The point above leads me to this. You there, with 3256 friends and 1926 followers. In fact, you there with 217 friends, and 122 followers.

Do you really know those people?

Do you really?

Do you 100% trust them with the ins and outs of your child’s life, their likes, dislikes, every aspect of their face, body, health information, location?

I have witnessed first-hand how CLEVER paedophiles are. Trust me. They live on your street. They could have children attending your school. They are nice as pie. And they seem so very normal!

Of the reported sex offences in the UK , 2/3rds are crimes against children.

1 in 35 men have paedophile tendencies.

1 in 3 girls and 1 in 7 boys are sexually abused by age 18.

So they genuinely could be hustled somewhere in amongst your friends’ list. In fact, statistics say they most likely are.


As we enter a time where nothing is private, surveillance cameras watch our every move, children’s rooms are fitted with security devices, all our lives are broadcasted online, it is so so important to value not only your own privacy as an adult, but the rest of the family’s.

In a world, where social media is relatively new, the internet is infinite, and information/data is being shared globally, should we not protect our little ones from this dangerous, amazing, crazy, overwhelming, scary place?

But also, I feel that my child is a human with rights and I should respect that. I wouldn’t like it if someone put pictures up of me without my consent so why share such sensitive information with hundreds of strangers?

I think my son will be grateful when he’s older and able to choose what he wants to do with his personal data, that his mum had enough respect and knowledge to make a responsible choice.

And if all the information in this post wasn’t all real enough for you, check this article out that quotes: “Some dark web sites require people to prove they have raped a child before they are allowed to enter.”

It’s uncomfortable to think about, but unfortunately, these things really do happen. And I’m not saying that by posting an awesome, insta worthy picture of your cuties is going to land you in harm. But what I am saying is…

think before you post.


  1. Good advice. People are not careful enough. It’s happening in Real Life anyway, so called ‘friends’ of the family (a friend of my parents who knew me since I was a bump in my mum tried molesting/raping me at 17 when there was no one else at home – Another hit on me when I had a nervous breakdown in my early 20s). You do have to be careful.

    All the best to you and your family, Faith xo


    1. So sorry to hear you have experienced this… This seems to happen way too often and it’s not something we hear about much as people don’t like to talk about it so you’re very brave to bring it out. Much love to you


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