The Divine Female

As men, women, partners and parents are forced to live, work and educate from home, the reality of our inequality is being driven home, where before it was easily swept under the carpet as normal everyday life served as a distraction.

Now it is clear to see that men are able to transfer their office to their homes seamlessly with ease, concentrating on their busy workloads whilst their counterpart (usually a woman) who has an equally demanding full-time work role, now finds herself under the added pressure of educating, feeding, entertaining, managing the children as well as being the domestic goddess!

This coupled with a gut-wrenching conversation I had with a woman I highly value about feminism, world change and gender roles has inspired and encouraged me to share with you my radical thoughts that I feel every woman needs to hear.

It is my duty, our duty, to create change, to seek confrontational situations, to challenge individuals stuck in the past, to stand up and speak for those that won’t.

It’s time to strap your big girl pants on and listen. And if you don’t have any, don’t read on!

You are oppressed.

You think you are free, but you are not. You don’t allow yourself to be, out of fear.

You are repeating an ancient pattern of abuse when you feed the masculine world.

Your attachments to the male are damaged, coming from a damaged place and not in best interest of the divine feminine.

You think you’re a strong female but you’re not. You’re nowhere near the infinite energy source of the female if you allow any one of these toxic behaviours.

You make yourself weaker to make him feel stronger.

You dull yourself down to satisfy the Male.

Your passivity allows women to be raped daily in countries like Pakistan where women are not allowed to go to the toilet during the day, nor in the house. They must do their business at night, out of sight, outside sometimes without any sort of facility, sometimes in a small shed. There, men wait. As the women are finally ALLOWED to release themselves, they are raped instead.

Not taking any sort of action to dis-empower this sort of action in todays’ society only allows these disgusting acts to take place daily all over the world.

(Not doing anything = it’s okay)

Women with immense strength died for us to have and recognise the power we all have within us, and yet they died in vain because you are allowing the male to take over. You ACCEPT day in day out the inequality between male and female.

You serve the Male.

You serve the male by dressing to please.

You serve the male by cooing and laughing at his subtle sexist jokes that are actually offensive, but you don’t want to make a scene… Here comes the classic “ lighten up love it was just a joke!

You serve the male when you accept a work role within an enterprise that pays women less than men.

You serve the male when you allow them to control certain aspects of your life.

You serve the male when you are brainwashed to think your vagina should be shaved (you might think you “prefer” it that way. Trust me. You’re just brainwashed).

You serve the male when you take on full-time work and have children to look after which in turns leaves their education in the hands of the state (=THE MALE).

You serve the male when you allow toxic behaviours that denigrate women.

You serve the male when you modify your body to suit a “trendy” image of what a woman should look like in a males’ eyes.

Women are creators of their own realities.

We are enabling men to be rapists, paedophiles, abusive partners/sons by not doing anything. By standing by and laughing at their sexist jokes. By shaving. By caressing their egos which inflates their misplaced power.

Women are stronger than men (right now). Women have power. Women have the ability to change the world. Women have the chance to create a new reality, an equalitarian world.

We are extraordinary beings that have been dealt a shit hand for the past 2000 + years.

We have been stoned to death,

raped, chained, beaten black and blue,

catcalled, wolf whistled, groped,

insulted, separated,

we have been made smaller, weaker and” less than”.

This has been going on for FAR TOO LONG.

You think you live in a futuristic world?

You think we’ve got equality?

You think you’re free?

You’re not! We’re not! And whilst you sit around doing nothing about it, you are de-valuing your children’s’ lives. You are not giving your daughters power, you are not enabling them to go out in the world and be the divine female they are, nor are you allowing your son to recognise this incredible being, the potential within this female energy.

Females have the ability to withstand SO much. We are incredibly strong. We are nurturers, hard-workers, mothers, complex thinkers and feelers. We can withstand the roughest of storms as well as hold down the most vital jobs. Not only are we mothers, givers of life, but toilet cleaners, politicians, administrators through to scientists… We can do it all.

We are a community of beings that have the ability to love unconditionally, selflessly, and give everything we have to our children, our future. We are supportive, kind, and we’ve been trying to heal men since time began, forgiving their imbalances always.

And yet each and every one of us have been dictated to …. by a man.

As it stands, we live in the most empowering time for women in that we can have our own bank accounts, we have access to the benefit system, there’s no stigma in being a single parent, we can wear what we like, be who we like, we are free to be educated as we wish, we are financially free, we have rights and we have a voice that by statute, must be heard.

Yet something is holding us there, blocking us from stepping up and owning the real divine feminine.

“Who’s going to validate me?”

“Who’s going to give me worth?”

“Who’s going to complete me?”

“Who’s going to pay my bills?”

“Who’s going to look after the kids?”

“How will I cope on my own?”

“What will my friends, family and social media think of me?”

“Who am I going to care for?”

“I’m going to be abandoned.

“I’m going to be alone.”


I recognise in you so much…

Us women we are naturally connected like a beautiful group of starlings. We have an abundance of energy, strength and connectivity that we can tap into at ANY moment. And in my own way, I am offering this energy here today.

As a powerful strong female, I want my voice to be heard by many women. It may not resonate with you. You may feel shocked and disagree with my words. You might think I am totally wrong.

But my aim here is not to be subtle. Not to be small. Not to tiptoe nor step on eggshells. I want my message to be clear.

You may think you do not serve the male. But you do!

With awareness comes learning, growth, setting new pathways, allowing true nature to take its’ course…

If we all, as a beautiful, wonderful community of strong beings, leaders, spent less money and energy investing into this male world, modifying our bodies, appeasing this masculine society, giving into the brainwashing image of what a woman should be, how they should act in a relationship, and spent more time reflecting on how privileged we are , we could start to use this immense gift to our advantage…

To empower women all around the world, something that is truly needed.

“What do we need more of in this world?” said a young, naïve student full of excitement for the world and expecting a material answer to her question.

My response?

“Woman. Empowerment. Spend more time investing in that, your life will be much richer than you could ever imagine!”

I am a pioneer of the future. I am holding the baton for future generations. For my son. For myself. For women. And RADICAL ACTION today is the most effective way to make change.

Dig deeper into the Divine Female and you will only find an infinite source of life satisfaction, peace, balance, deeper relationships, strength and awe. You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose. I promise.

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