There is an off switch… Use It.

Have we all gone mad? We ARE in control of our own lives, master of our own destinies!

This is something I believe that is being forgotten. We are all so droned into social media, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc.. that it seems we are allowing it to dictate our lives. Not only that, but to dictate how we FEEL about our lives and ourselves.
Addicted to picking up the phone, plugging into our favourite media scrolling through comment after comment, viewpoint after viewpoint. Opinions about what we’ve posted, opinions about what others have posted, scary fake news, scary true news, so many smily faces, pictures of beautiful lives lying by a sun soaked pool, climbing a snow capped mountain, kids dressed in beautiful party dresses, new kitchens, new cars, new shiny everything!

We view dozens of these posts and shots within a few seconds of scrolling…. Have you ever stopped to think how this is making you feel; You with the greasy hair, broken down car and no money in the bank for a day trip to Skegness let only a sun soaked pool with a cocktail in your hand?Subconsciously you are comparing yourself and slowly the mood of your day changes to being doubtful, the feeling of “being less than” creeps over you and you hate your hair even more, you loath your car and you’re angry that you can’t get a better paid job. In fact your life stinks and even worse, you stink and you are nothing but a low life that shouldn’t even exist.
If you’re lucky after a few proseccos’ you fight back, you wash your hair in the latest expensive products, buy a new fancy designer labelled outfit on a credit card you’ve no hope in hell of paying back and you go out on the town and for that moment, that evening you feel great! Oh how great you feel, dancing the night away…

But life is so cruel and blow me the next day, it all comes tumbling home and you feel like pants again, seeking solace with your friends who have also been on this roller coaster, you feel ok for a couple of days, robot like getting on with your “less than” life. Only to jump on the oh so familiar roller coster again and so the cycle continues…. for the rest of your life… you happy about that?
If you’re not so lucky the roller coaster will chuck you off and you become victim to the sense of insecurity, the sense of being less than, it gets a grip on you, it won’t leave you and you continue believing in these false realities, allowing them to take every bit of value you had for yourself.

Or you could be extremely unlucky like some of these celebrities who truly buy into the addiction, to the point where life isn’t worth living, there is no friend that you can seek solace in, the world has turned so dark that the only way out is to commit suicide. So very sad and so very wrong.

Then what?

Everyone then jumps on the bandwagon, someone has to be blamed! Social media? Friends? family? Lovers? The police? Come on, someone must be responsible! Let’s all go on a bender, a feeding frenzy to find the culprit who caused this? Whose fault is it?

Let’s all shout, use social media? Then be kind… That will fix it!
Come on who are we kidding? Is everybody going to be kind from now on? Get real!  We’ve got the dark web, we’ve got governments hell bent on massacring their whole population, look at Syria if you dare! And we say #bekind. You must be having a laugh, that’s not going to change a thing.

There is only one thing that will begin to make change, you are apart of the change you have the power to change it all…

If everyone takes responsibility for themselves and so if you don’t like what is on social media, if what you see there is hurting you, upsetting you, telling lies about you, if it makes you doubt your worth, your value,1 use the power in your thumb and…


Yes, turn it all off, you don’t have to read all of that nonsense, you don’t have to compete with all these tiny snap shots of peoples lives and wonder how you shape up against it…


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