Don’t Fear the Fear!

As we are witnessing over these current times, fear can be felt en mass, whole cities, countries gripped by fear…. it’s a feeling we all don’t like yet every human has in common. In fact we are fearful of the very feeling of fear, let alone the actual subject that is causing the fear in the first place!

So misunderstood is the feeling that we all want to run away from, we want to shove it down, disown it. The trouble is and (I think you will recognise what I am about to say next), by doing this the fear seems to grow more powerful and the more we try to disown it the more its’ tentacles get a grip on us, paralysing us in its’ tension. The harder we squirm the harder it grips, and if this is allowed to continue in our lives for a long period of time it holds us down so much that we stop living, stop enjoying life and stop making choices that we KNOW would make us feel alive. By allowing ourselves to get stuck in its’ suffocating grasp, killing us from the inside out as we opt out of many of the situations and opportunities life presents us with.

That is how powerful fear is! IF we allow it…

So what is Fear?

It’s just another emotion. An emotion the same as joy, happiness, sorrow and sadness… A feeling that’s all!

Yet in the right circumstances it is a WONDERFUL feeling, a life saver, purposefully programmed into our brains to keep us safe.  Fear is the signal of danger…. In the days of cave men, hunter gathers, fear was our alarm bell! When a hungry tiger approached us, that fear mechanism made us run, freeze or fight! What an amazing thing if you listened to it, acted, then carried on with your day.
Not so today! No hungry tigers threatens us but many other dangers do; The near miss in a car, a dark alleyway at night, the staring man across the street. But today we don’t listen, out of politeness, not wishing to be rude or that voice that says “don’t be silly you are being judgmental!”. What happens time after time, is we shut that feeling down when it is only there coming to our aid from a place of great love for us.

Yet we all love to fear the fear…..

Do we ever question when we are feeling happy, well and contented? No! Yet when we feel fear, we stop dead in our tracks, frozen stiff, we can’t move. Our body fills up with all the chemicals that create stiffness and tension in our body which then prevents us from moving forward or being at ease.

Only then to berate ourselves or make lame excuses as to why we aren’t able to take up that adventure or new job offer or speak up just at the right moment!
Look at all the different fears people have yet one mans fear is another joy… it just doesn’t make sense….

So where does Fear come from?

If you dare to look closely, our fears come from early irrational programming. Often times it really doesn’t matter, but it will most likely be from unmet needs when you were growing up, family traditions, beliefs given to you from others about how unsafe the world is and how you must be so careful!
Maybe once we can look at fear holistically, we can begin to loosen its grip.

I’m calling you to look at your fears, see what grounds they are founded upon… ask yourself whose fears are you carrying, your mums’, that old teacher of yours, something said on the news…

You can overcome your fears, you really can!

Imagine the sense of ease, relaxation and freedom it would give, if we were able to acknowledge that this, whatever it is, is causing you to feel frightened but to understand how irrational that really is, that the fear was likely placed within us by someone else… so it really is just an illusion, it needn’t be for us. 

We can then move forward with what it is we want to do, put it out there, do it, say it, act it! This is what Radical Radishes is all about, putting it out there, just doing it, being free from fear!

Sometimes we can do this through a better understanding of ourselves, doing meditations or breathing exercises. However, there are many times when the help of a caring, understanding and knowledgable person is needed. By using different modalities like listening therapy, EFT and energetic healing processes, I have helped many to overcome their fears and embrace life more fully.

For more information about this, click here.

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