Why You Shouldn’t Share Images of Children on Social Media

My son has just turned 6 months and I usually take about 5-10 pictures of him a day, coz you know… you can’t miss a moment can ya? (and I’m obsessed with my squishy baby… OMG how do you not actually eat them?! The struggle is REAL!)

But sometimes I am just DYING to share some of the amazing snaps I have caught with the world. To show how cute and perfect my beautiful bubba is. Coz he is pretty cute 😉

We all like to show off what our offspring can do right?

All my friends are sharing pictures of their children, so why don’t I?

Here are the real reasons not to share pictures of children on social media.

Once it’s out, it can’t go back in.

When you post any image on social media, it is never retrievable. Like, you can delete it all you want, once it’s been put on the sushi bar, it’s done. There ain’t no going back. Those pictures are forever on the internet, for the ENTIRE WORLD to find, see and exploit.

Reality Check Numero One: I am really hot on not putting pics up of my son, but I couldn’t put that limitation on my son’s father. He quickly learnt the lesson… He put a cute snap of him and our little one on his account with over 2000 friends. Within minutes, someone that he didn’t know that well, had downloaded this picture of our child onto their personal computer, used an editing tool and made my child look like a gremlin. Re-saved the picture and posted in the comments of the original post. Who was that person to have the right to download and own a picture of my son? Why did he do that? (His intention may have been innocent but what if he had been doing it maliciously?) Needless to say, I hit the ceiling about the whole situation and came down hard on his dad.

The Dark Net

This is a cringey, awkward one that no one wants to think about. But as a Radical Radish, I gotta tell ya. Come on in to my office.

People. Sell. Pictures. Of. Children. On. The. Dark. Net. To. Very. Bad. People. i.e. Paedophiles.

Nah nah nah nah. Not under my watch.

Enough said.

Are They Strangers or “Friends”

The point above leads me to this. You there, with 3256 friends and 1926 followers. In fact, you there with 217 friends (that’s actually me 🙂 ) and 122 followers.

Do you really know those people? DO you? DO YOU?! Ok.

Do you trust those people enough to leave your child with each and every one of those people?!

If not, why trust them with the ins and outs of your child’s life, every aspect of their face, body, health information, location?

Reality check Numero Two: I have witnessed first-hand how CLEVER paedophiles are. Trust me. They live right next door to you. They have children attending your school. They are nice as pie. They *innocently* have your daughter’s number for his own children to contact. Nah. F*** that.

So they genuinely could be hustled somewhere in amongst your friends’ list. In fact, statistics say they most likely are.


This is valid for everything I’ve just said. Protect your / your child’s privacy at all costs.

I have a friend on Facebook who over shares right (we won’t point fingers today). It’s EXCESSIVE. I know everything about this child. I know where they live, I know names of parents and child, I know where siblings go to school. I know when they are not at home. I know when they are in hospital. I know when they’ve gone on holiday. And I know their birthday (*which is actually one of the most important pieces of information to keep to yourself!)

Luckily, I’m a safe person. But what if I wasn’t? What power would an unkind stranger have with all that info?

Secondly, where’s the respect?! My child is a human with rights. I wouldn’t like it if someone put pictures up of me without my consent so why would I do it to my kid?

In a world, where social media is relatively new, the internet is infinite, and information/data is being shared globally, should we not protect our little ones from this dangerous, amazing, crazy, overwhelming, scary place?

I think my son will be grateful when he’s older and able to choose what he wants to do with his personal data, that his mum had enough respect and knowledge to make a responsible choice.

I do put images up of my son. You’ll see the odd one pop up if we’re friends on Facebook. But I have a couple of rules.

  • First of all, I went through my friend lists with a fine-tooth comb, making sure I didn’t have any strangers on there.
  • I make sure my boy’s face is not visible
  • He is always full clothed
  •  I don’t share unnecessary data about him

Think before you post. At least!


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