The world can be a very dark place sometimes.

We are CONSTANTLY being pounded by negativity. Without even knowing it. Most people going about their daily life, don’t pay attention to exactly what it is they are hearing on TV, Radio, Social Media…

But if you do, you may discover a whirlwind of subliminal messages.

Have you lost your own inner voice guiding you, making sure you stay on track, pushing those negative thoughts and words out of psyche?

Do you feel pushed down, heavy with the weight of the worlds’ events on your shoulders?

Here are 5 ways to stay in touch with yourself, creating a natural safety bubble around your energy.


Note the word break. Social media is an amazing place IF you know how to use it.

Full of ideas, endless inspiration and it’s the most powerful way to share interesting thoughts, movements and news.

It’s THE biggest influencer on the planet right now. 

It creeps under your skin. It’s there constantly calling you, wanting you to pick it up and swipe, swipe, swipe away.

Used unhealthily, it’s extremely addictive, it can be super negative, and really affect your well-being.

Taking regular breaks can do your mind the world of good! I like to take 24 hours off when I start to feel overloaded usually once a week and make a conscious effort to leave my phone somewhere and not satisfy its’ cravings to be picked up! A friend of mine has been trying to take a month off her Instagram account… a lot to ask right? Try to set yourself realistic goals and stick by them 🙂


We’re surrounded by constant noise.

We walk into our homes, we put the TV on for background noise. We get in the car after an overwhelming day at work, we put the radio on… And the demons start to crawl in… It’s only passive, so you don’t recognise it. But when you take a break you realise how impactful these small things are.

Radio and TV are full of several unhealthy and subliminally damaging things:

  • Adverts: I once had a panic attack after listening to an extremely over the top advert. Maybe a bit extreme right?! But next time you do switch on one of these medias, listen carefully to the language used. Each of those adverts are using intelligently and carefully constructed sentences, pictures, scenes to MAKE you want to buy into whatever it they are selling, which is totally messing with your psyche.

  • News Flash: It’s good to keep in the loop with what is going on in the world, important issues. But my advice: choose your news network carefully. The day to day news we see on TV or hear every hour on Radio is simply depressing. It’s mostly negative and tragic. It is built to make you completely de-sensitised to important information. Give yourself a break. Don’t switch it on. Don’t listen to the mind killing unnecessary information that is constantly shared. And appreciate silence! It’s important to be ok with silence AND enjoy it.

  • Music: I Love music. Who doesn’t? But I once got in the car with a friend who had 2 young girls in the back and Capital radio on. I never listen to that station. It ain’t me. But when my ears got the “pleasure” of discovering the content of the music that was being used on this channel, I was shocked. The language that is used in these songs that people, women, men, CHILDREN are passively absorbing… Young boys/ men are being taught that it’s ok to objectify a woman’s body. Women are objectifying themselves and obsessing over what men think of them! Children are absorbing these intense lyrics at a young age which in turn is sexualising their minds before they’ve even figured out boys and girls are different! AND. And. Right! Why oh why is every single piece of new music about love, or heart ache or love, or a cheating partner or heart ache or girls in clubs?! Is that really all that’s going on in the world these days? It’s playing a huge part in obsession of what the other sex thinks of you!

Choose the music you are listening to carefully and be aware of vulnerable ears around you. If you are having a bad day, or feeling sluggish and overwhelmed, listening to that type of stuff is not going to help. There’s some amazing artists out there that are truly medicine for the soul.

  • TV Shows: Ok I don’t watch a lot of TV but I sure as hell am not going to watch EastEnders on a day when I can’t deal with the world anymore. Like Social media, TV can be a great place to escape, learn some interesting things (it’s all about David Attenborough am I right?) BUT most of the day to day shows that are mindlessly on in the background are not doing you ANY favours. Also, I know the big thing is horror movies and serial killer documentaries right now. I get it I get it. It’s cool. Everyone’s doing it. But genuinely here in all seriousness, are you aware of the effects these types of programs have on your mind if you are continuously watching them? It literally de-sensitises you to any sort of violence, crime and gore. Which is a huge problem in today’s world.

Once you are used to witnessing these behaviours, it becomes the norm, when violence is NOT OK! And should not be something you get used to. Netflix is an awesome place. Just like social media it has good and bad. But the good, is pretty awesome.


Everyone is becoming more aware of how important our mental health is. Perhaps we’re finally edging to a more holistic view of health… COULD YOU IMAGINE?!…

It’s more socially acceptable to actually say to the people around you, to your work, your family, your partner “I am taking a self-care day and I need some space” And there’s a reason for that. With the new awareness that making a real effort to take time out for yourself doing whatever it is that makes you feel good, you can take some time out for YOU, guilt free and indulge in making sure you feel more balanced.


So, walking is totally underrated. You feel tired? Go for a walk. You feel overwhelmed? Go for a walk. Walking is super good for your brain, and it’s therapeutic. As you walk, you’re probably thinking without even knowing it. Especially if you have a decision to make, the action of getting up and walking can help make your mind up. It also gives you the opportunity to talk to strangers… (maybe not something you want to do where I live 😉 ).

But I always walk by all the houses around me and think that every single house contains a different set of situations, heartbreaks, difficulties, and family events… and it NEVER ceases to amaze me.


I had the urge to draw today. I sat down with colourful pencils feeling quite juvenile.

But once I got started, I understood why my brain was craving this simple activity.

As soon as my pencil hit the paper, the state of my mind started to unfold in front of me and become a real-life picture for me to witness where my head is at.

Living in this virtual world of “dog eat dog”, we do not do these things enough.

Lightbulb moment! 💡 When meditating, you are asked to void your brain of any thoughts, switch off your monkey mind and be in the present, dedicate this moment to the right here and now and be consciously aware of everything that surrounds you.

But by doing this, aren’t we simply acting as a child?

I watch my little boy take in everything around him, living in each moment as it comes not thinking of what’s for dinner, where we’ve got to be in 20 minutes, how much money we have, and it dawned on me how important it is to marvel in the same way a child does at the world.

So, if your thing is organising your crisp packets like Stacey Solomon does, or cooking the most perfect delicious cake or creating artwork or going for countryside walks absorbing every tweet and every rustle in the wind… You make sure you do it.

You make sure you don’t underestimate how important it is for you to stay balanced, to stay connected to your creative side. Coz it’s super under-estimated.

And if you need an urgent quick fix, sit and just be presentobserve. Take in everything around you. As a baby does when it first starts to see more clearly. There are so many patterns, colours, movements constantly whirring around us all the time. And to sit and just observe. No thinking. No moving. Just. Observing. You’ll soon feel re-energised and more centered.  


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